About Our Company

servicemen holding a hazard sign

Well it is no secret that Sanford Towing Company’s roots aren’t that far from our family roots. Yes we are a family run company but we have a lot of people that aren’t family working for us. Our origin story is kind of a silly one. But maybe all businesses start off from a small idea. We think so. When we got into this business we already knew a lot about trucks. One of us was a mechanic fixing cars for friends, family and the neighborhood. When we were young though we were the type of kids that would just gawk with excitement at big trucks driving on the road. We had toy trucks, and toy mixers and toy planes. It was that one time  we witnessed on the highway a huge flatbed truck towing a float plane, and that was when we knew.  When we grew up it become even more a palpable idea. We are from Sanford and are Florida locals. We love this great state and nothing is more welcoming than Sanford. So the idea was planted a long long time ago, and we have been in business for almost as long, but it really was the love for big trucks that got us here. Tow trucks were like the superheroes of the road.  We watched them in anticipation pulling cars out of ditches, out of ponds, lifting big buses to change their giant tires. Tow trucks went around helping everyone with their amazing extra parts. That is how we think about it. We are here so you don’t have to worry.

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