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It is one of those things you don’t think about until you have to think about it or it is in your face. Like how does an airplane with a flat tire get to the airplane mechanic?  How does giant tires for tractors get delivered? Well we have an idea of how. We are very into truck and that is partly why we do know. Some people may not know what a flatbed is, but is what it sounds like. The back of the truck is flat so it in can take extra large loads. Flatbed trucks transport loads of cars that are immobile and can not use their wheels at all.
What Is a Flatbed Truck?
A flatbed truck is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a truck with an engine and wheel and a cab for a driver at the front, with a couple seat and the normal comforts of a truck. It looks very much like a regular transport truck at the front. However the main body of a flatbed truck is just that, flat.  With the normal amount of wheels a big transport truck would have the flatbed has the same. The body of the flatbed though is without roof, walls or door. This means that when oversized cargo go on the flatbed, and awkward shape  can be shipped.
You cant be towing company offering a lot of different towing services if you don’t have a couple of trucks. The beauty of being big truck fans and in this business is that we get to have the best of trucks and use them everyday. We have a beautiful fleet of trucks for our company and for your services. This fleet includes Sanford’s best top of the line flatbed trucks. Our trucks are kept up to date and our towing technology is always ahead of the rest. We routinely inspect our trucks so we know everything is always running smoothly.
Big Towing
Those large jobs that seem like they are impossible to even imagine getting completed; those are tow jobs that you use a flatbed truck for. We know all the ins and outs of those kinds of jobs. Our experience in Sanford is unbeatable. Having been a tow truck company established in these parts a long time ago we have done a lot of really big jobs for the people of Sanford. Our experienced flatbed services paired with our amazing drivers are unbeatable. We have moved extra large cargo, and oversized shipments. We have moved farming equipment, small planes, immobilized trucks and cars.
Cost Effective

Our services are professional, our drivers are experienced, our trucks are high tech, safe, fast and efficient. We have everything you need. We have great recommendations from people in the Sanford community. On top of all of this our prices are very fair. We offer one of the most competitive flatbed prices in all of Florida. When you need a flatbed rental we know that you are most likely going to hire us. We also know that you are going to be very pleased with the end results of the service that we offer. Any of our clients that used our flatbed service have been nothing but pleased.

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