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No matter what your concerns or questions are we know that the best way to get answers is to ask the professionals. No question is too big or too small. It is a priority to us at Sanford Towing Company that we make it clear we are open doors to all our clients and to any potential clients. When our customers understand that as a company we actually do enjoy discussing the price of towing in Lakehead, or the various ways of getting a winch out done effectively, they wont be shy anymore.  When you phone us on the telephone number provided on the website you will reach one of our trained and certified team members.  If you do not need immediate assistance then the team member that answers your call will go over your concerns with you. Once you have been made it known what you are possibly looking for you will be redirected to the driver that will handle everything you need.

A company isn’t a company without the people it is working for. We really believe this and enjoy it when our clients reach out to us. When you guys contact us we learn so much about Sanford’s knowledge on towing.  We end up growing with you and understanding the city that we love, and we understand it so much more. Towing, heavy duty, parking enforcement, winch outs, wrecker service, flatbeds, cost of towing, and or if you are looking for cheap towing, the best way to get your answers is to reach out and contact us right now.

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