Heavy Duty Towing

heavy duty truck

Tow truck companies offer all kinds of assistance. We can help you change a flat give you a boost, get your keys that you locked in. These things are the non-emergencies of the towing world. However when in the tow truck business it is likely that we will assist in collision recovery. Our team of drivers and fleets of trucks are familiar with the heavier duties that towing asks of us.  We hope for the sake of all the people in Sanford you never need us for an accident. Yet we do offer this service and we are the best responders in the area.
Heavy Towing Duties
Heavy duty towing includes getting vehicles out of water. Sometimes we use our boom service. It also could be changing the tire on a bus. When there are big problems you need a heavy-duty truck. Our drivers and trucks are well equipped for these kinds of situations. We have been the number one heavy duty towing service in Sanford for a very long time now.  It is because we run a tight ship and take the responsibility of heavy duty towing very seriously. We love our job because we get to help people when they are stuck and make things better for them.
Safety Inspections
There are times when are called out for some heavy duty towing and we are helping save a life. The possibility of this situation keeps us on our toes. Our company takes the responsibility of being in the towing business very seriously. We do daily inspections of our trucks and our equipment. We search for any sigh of malfunction and always keep up with good maintenance. These inspections help remind us  of why we got in the business. They also reassure our clients that when you need us we are thoroughly prepared for whatever situation may happen.
Emergency Drills
We have the equipment and our guys have the certifications and the experience. However what gets people into trouble when they are in a situation that they have to respond quickly is compliancy.  People become compliant in their day-to-day job thinking that nothing out of the ordinary is every going to happen. That is when they begin to miss things. This is also when they begin to forget things and their training. For this very reason we run emergency drills with our staff every shift. This keeps our drivers sharp and thinking about our clients needs.

Not only do we do routine inspections on our amazing fleet of trucks, we also are always keeping up with their maintenance. This is because we have the best fleet of towing trucks in Sanford.  That being said we have the highest quality heavy-duty trucks out there.  Everything that requires a top notch towing company we have. However our trucks are the source of our service, so we guarantee our clients the best tow trucks possible. We keep up to date with technology, routinely inspect them, get regular maintenance, keep them spotless and replace them as soon as we need too.

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