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parking enforcement service

Cars are these fantasia magical things that take us from one place to the next as long as we follow some rules of the road. We signal when we turn, our lights warning others we are going to break, we wait our turn at stop signs. All these things are a minor inconvenience to having so much freedom and independence that a car can provide. Yet we all know the frustration of finding parking. Most of us have had tickets, but it is that next shock of getting your car towed is where we come in.


If you take a survey of every driver in North America that has driven in a major city you will find very few people that have not had the experience of returning to their car and finding a little yellow ticket under the windshield wiper. A lower percentage of us have had their vehicle actually towed but it is still a very common experience and one that can be very stressful. When we work with parking enforcement we know you are coming for your car later so we make sure to be as gentle as possible with the vehicle.


When we are working with parking enforcement we have a confidentiality agreement about the cars we take. We also make sure the cars are carefully towed. We understand how stressful this can be when we bring your car to the towing lot we are going it because we were asked to. We also view towing cars that were improperly parked as a favor to the driver. It is likely that if your car was not towed it would have been damaged from either another care or someone angry that you were in their spot. We approach this position with the most professionalism than any other towing company in Florida.


Towing is a physical and heavy-duty job. There are also time constraints and busy schedules. Yet we are trained professionals that are conducting our services efficiently. When we tow a car also we are fully aware that the owner of the car is going to be getting it back. We tow carefully so the car has no damage at all. We the know zones and time restrictions and we make very sure that nothing we do is outside of when we are suppose to tow. Our parking enforcement towing helps keep the roads safe, traffic smooth and your car undamaged.


We have all done it and it is a huge pain. It happens to the best of us. We park somewhere too long, somehow we don’t see a sign and we forget to look for one. Tickets can be very frustrating for parking errors but getting your car towed is upsetting. We know this. We are just going our best to keep the streets safe. Our drivers are thorough and careful. No one from Sanford Towing Company would ever tow cars that are not suppose to be towed. We are timely and professional knowing our zones and the lots. Sometimes it is just bad luck. Those tickets around rush hour are frustrating, but it is also frustrating for us that a car is interrupting the smooth traffic. This in turn can endanger drivers. All we want is for Sanford to be safe.

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