​Roadside Assistance

broken down vehicle

It is the kind of thing that you always tell yourself you are going to prepare for but you never really expect to happen until it happens. It must be some universal law that when anyone needs roadside assistance the problem with the car has scheduled itself to happen in the middle of the night, or really early in the morning when you are on your way to work. Whether it is a flat tire, a dead battery, or after coming out of dinner at your friends cottage you realized you locked the keys in your car- no matter what the circumstance is, we will come to you.
A great deal of us own cars, rent cars, drive cars. However the number of us that always make sure they have a spare in their car before they start driving isn’t equal to that number. Even less is the number of us that know how to change a tire. Well depending on what happens it isn’t always that easy. Furthermore if something happens where your tire has gone flat when you are on the road it is probably in your best interest to get some professional help. In Sanford area we are the most professional roadside assistance.
When it comes to a flat tire and getting professional help when you are on the road, it is the same when you get stranded somewhere and need a boost for your battery. There are so many of us that drive but not many of us expect this to happen to us. That’s okay. That is why we here. We make it to you and your dead battery or flat tire in no time. Our arrival time is unprecedented by other tow truck companies’ roadside assistance. We get to you so quick it was like you had the booster cables in your truck and did it yourself.
If you are alone and stuck on the side of the road it can be an unnerving experience. We don’t want anyone to feel traumatized or upset by needing a little help. Especially if it is a nighttime need for our services we really do try to get you guys as fast as we can. The great thing to is that all our drivers are really honest good people and you will sense that as soon as they pull up. They will always be sporting the Sanford Towing Company logo and will make you feel at ease. 
Your Security
We know that when you are alone on the side of the road in the middle of the night you have to feel relieved when the tow truck pulls up. We know all our employees and make sure that we are hiring the best of Sanford. If the drivers and technicians aren’t our personal friends and family then they are the friend of a friend. However just for that extra bit of assurance we always do a background check on all our employees. Also as mentioned before our logo is big and clear so when you see that it is pulling up we can give a big sigh of relief knowing you are in good hands.

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