​Tow Service

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Everyone that has a car or truck they use everyday becomes very attached and dependent on it. We use our car for everything. In modern society if you don’t have a car you cant really get around. We at Sanford Towing Company understand how vital your car is to your life. That is why our towing service that we offer takes this into consideration. We know we aren’t just towing cars. We completely understand that you having something happen to your car is a big stress on you life. 
Great Service
When you reside in Sanford FL you want the best because the people of this great place deserve the best. In all our years of serving Sanford we have been fortunate enough to have the best of clients. When we do a tow service we make sure to do it to the best of our ability. We offer a top-notch service with state of the art equipment and the best drivers out there. This is all so you our clients receive a great service that they can feel confident in and happy with. When you phone Sanford Towing Company you are getting the best cause we know you deserve it.
Reliable Service
Our fleets of trucks are routinely inspected for any problems that could possibly occur on our end. We work so we are preventing any breakdown so we can always be there when your car does break down. Our trucks are in the best shape of any tow truck in Sanford and we also have the most reliable drivers working them. When we get a car from a customer that needs a tow we set out to be there as soon as possible. From reviews of clients our times have beat most any other tow service in the area.
A great reputation can’t be made on equipment alone. We have fantastic drivers. Some of us have been with us from day one. The others that we have hired we have put through a great length of training, which included in the field experience. Our drivers are certified and experienced. However that doesn’t always make the best combo. We have also been really fortunate to get the hardest working tow truck drivers in the Sanford area.  When our drivers get the call and come to your assistance to tow your vehicle their focus is solely on the job and helping you.

Five Star Service
Read our reviews.  They say a lot and speak for themselves. Any time we have gotten a review it has always been five out of five. We strive to keep that going and to keep it consistent. We are going to be five out of five everyday for you and for every client we get. Our eagerness for good service is just as strong as it always was. When you need a reliable tow truck service, a great service, and a hardworking service you come to Sanford Towing Company. That is why we are here. We are here to assist you everything that you need when you need a tow.

Tow Service Sanford FL