​Wrecker Service

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Sometimes it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, but when your beloved beat up car has been left and ticketed by parking enforcement we have to move it. We do so gently with care. We understand that you will be coming back looking for it so we make sure we take great care of your precious wheels.  We know what it is like. Every single one of us working for this tow truck company has been towed at one point. For most of us it was before we were tow truck drivers.
Wrecker Service
When you need a wrecker service contact us at the number provided on this website and one of our skilled contractors will answer the phone. They then can go over exactly what type of wrecker services we offer. Taking apart old cars is a joy for us. We also move cars that are immobilized and cannot be towed. We offer both of these services in terms of wrecker so to clarify what it is exactly you are looking for phone our number and speak to one of our highly trained professionals that can help you with all you needs.
Years of Experience
Nothing can beat years of experience. We have had plenty of experience in the field of towing and wrecking. When it comes to our wreckers services in Sanford we are known for the most years in the business. Sanford Towing Company is also known for offering the most efficient wrecker services that Sanford has. When you need a tow truck company that offers wrecking you have come to the right place. Not only do we have a whole slue of great trucks, amazing drivers and the best in wrecking equipment but we are here to help you out as much as can.
Trained Employees
Our employees are highly skilled certified and trained. When you need the best in the business it comes down to who is going to be working on your vehicle. We are proud to say we are very selective with who works here. Our training is extensive and it helps shape our employees and contractors. These people are wearing our name on their chest and we don’t take that lightly. Our business is very important to us. That means then that it is very important to us our employees are giving you the best service that they can. And we know that they will.

Parking Enforcement
There isn’t one driver out there on Florida roads that hasn’t gotten a parking ticket. If there is one driver that hasn’t gotten a ticket, we can guarantee that sooner or later they will get one. We all make the mistake and overlook a sign that clearly states no parking, or parking hours.  A ticket is frustrating enough but to get your car towed feels like a heartbreaker. When we tow your car and work with the Sanford parking enforcers we do so in order to protect your car. No parking areas are that way do prevent any kind of dangerous accidents from happening. We also know you will be coming to get your car, so we promise we are gentle.

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