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​Everyone is attached to their car, to the vehicle or truck. We depend on them daily and they provide us with a great deal of freedom and independence. When something goes down no one likes it. Thankfully you have come to the best towing company Sanford FL. We’ve been Sanford’s number one truck company for years. When your truck or car goes off the road it is us you want to get your back.
Our contractors and technicians have tons of experience towing all sizes of vehicles. Our great reputation around Sanford is one hundred percent true. We work to keep it that way.

About Us
When it comes to how we got started it isn’t that exciting of a story. We started off as fans of big trucks. Like when you are really little and the most exciting thing is to see a fire truck drive by with the lights flashing. Well that was us but we loved watching tow trucks tow vehicles. Having a background as a mechanic and having extensive knowledge about cars it made sense to have our own towing company. The family company grew from there.

Sanford Towing Company

Our Services

​Having been around for a long time we are tow truck experts and offer anything you when need in terms of towing. Our fleets of trucks are top of the line and spectacular. We keep them updated and routinely inspected. Whatever you need we have. From Flat Bed Service, commercial fleet towing, impound, recovery, motor club towing, RV/Recreational Towing, parking enforcement, junk car removal, equipment transportation, car transport, repossession, and winching,. We even have cheap towing in Lakeland.

Tow Service

In the circumstance that you have run into some car problems and need a tow you are going to want a trustworthy company. Thankfully our tow service is what you need when it is time to get your car towed. Our fleet is ready for anything. We tow with great ease so that your car barely gets touched. From whatever condition we pick your car up in we’ll drop it off as if  we had towed a feather from point A to point B. When you need you need a tow truck service Sanford FL you have come to business with the best service around here.

calling for roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance

Whatever your problem is when you are stuck and need help we are there for you. NO one wants to be stranded in the middle of the road fall from help. Thankfully we are just a phone call away. Whether it is a boost to your battery, a tire change or if your keys have been locked out, our roadside assistance is fast and efficient. We get to you and your in no time.

“ It sucked. An animal ran out last minute. I think it was cat im not sure. I swerved and drove into the side of the road and got stuck in the ditch. I was lucky I wasn’t hurt. The police called the tow truck company but they got my car out with minimal effort. I was so impressed. They were really nice too.” Sarah Q.

wrecker service

Wrecker Service

When your wheels cant turn at all you need our wrecker service.  We can take your car from you and dismantle it into it useable parts s you don’t have to keep it decaying on your property. Wrecker services are great cause then you can even get to keep parts of the car that are working so it isn’t a total loss. Convenient, cost effective and professional when you need a wrecker service Sanford Towing Company is where you want to look for assistance
flatbed towing / service

Flat Bed Service

We are able to transport cars of all different sizes and do so while the car is completely immobile.  We have state of the art flat bed trucks able to move all kinds of vehicles as well as your large cargo. When you need something large driven any amount of distance, call us. We can help you get that done.

“Yup. Sanford Towing Company is the only towing company in Florida that I would ever trust. They are the best and trucks are really well taken care of. I tell my friends to call them and not anyone else.” Kyle M.

heavy duty truck towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Not every towing company out there can handle heavy duty towing. As not all of them have the necessary trucks and equipment to be able to do so. At Sanford Towing Partners all of our heavy duty tow truck drivers are fully qualified to get your truck hooked on the tow truck and make sure that everything is in place before they take off. We can also provide winch outs with our heavy-duty trucks to help 18 wheelers get back on the right track after falling in the wrong path!

parking enforcement

​Parking Enforcement

Our towing service when it comes to parking enforcement is actually protecting your car.  If it is by law you can’t park there then it is most likely a spot registered to someone else or a place that is dangerous to leave your car. We work with the parking enforcement and tow cars but tow them knowing their owners will be looking for them. We tow so the car looks like it has never been touched.

“Got stuck when my battery died. It was the worst timing cause I was on my way to pick up my girlfriend for our anniversary. I didn’t have my own cables with me and to be honest I was worried it wasn’t just a matter of a boost. But the driver from Sanford towing Company reassured me that was all it was and got me the boost I need. Thankfully I wasn’t too late to meeting her. They were fast and did a great job.” Chester P.

​Do you have a towing emergency or want to schedule a towing service that you need to reach its final destination quickly? Give us a call and we can make sure that you can leave all of your worries behind. At Sanford Towing Company we can guarantee that all of our services are provided by fully trained professionals that can make sure that these are done properly. Call or contact us today to get your car towed quickly.